Frozen Food

Call us today to discuss our large range of frozen food products. Our sales team will be glad to help assist you with an questions you may have regarding product information, Priced marked items, and Recommended selling prices (RRP) on non priced marked items.

If you cannot find what you are looking for Please give us a call as the frozen food business is forever changing and items are added monthly.

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BIRDS EYE - WALLS MEAT's                                                         

Product NameCarton SizeCost
Birds Eye Shepherds Pie8CALL
Birds Eye Crispy chicken 190 g12CALL
Birds Eye Chicken QTR Pounders 227g
Birds Eye Original Chargrilled Chicken 190g
Birds Eye Chicken Dippers8CALL
Birds Eye Chicken Burgers £1.5012CALL
Birds Eye Chicken Supreme/rice 375g6CALL
Birds Eye Chicken Jalfrazi with rice 350g6CALL
Birds Eye Chicken Korma with rice 350g
Birds Eye Chicken Curry with rice 400g6CALL
Birds Eye Chicken Tikka Massala/Rice 400g6CALL
Birds Eye Original Beefburgers 227g




Product NameCarton SizeCost
Birds Eye Cod in batter    240 g                       8CALL
Birds Eye 10 Cod Fish Fingers 300g12CALL
Birds Eye Oven Crispy Cod Steaks 198g
Birds Eye Value Fish Fingers 450g 12CALL
Youngs Admiral Pie 320g               12CALL
Youngs Fish Cakes12CALL


PASTA / WAFFLES                                                                  

Product Name                                  Carton SizeCost
Birds Eye Spaghetti Bolognaise 340g8CALL
Birds Eye Lasagne Ragu 375g8CALL
Macaroni Cheese 285g6CALL
4 Potato Waffles 227g10CALL



Product Name                                 Carton SizeCost
Birds Eye Cauliflower & Cheese8CALL
Birds Eye Garden Peas 480g10CALL
Birds Eye Petit Pois16CALL
Birds Eye Mixed Veg 340g16CALL
Ross Button Sprouts12CALL

CHICAGO TOWN PIZZA                                                           

Product Name                                                  Carton Size       Cost    
Chicago Town Cheese Pizza12CALL
Chicago Town Ham/Pinapple Pizza12CALL
Chicago Town Pepperoni Pizza12CALL

Traditional Dinners

Product Name                                                   Carton Size        Cost    
Birds Eye Beef Dinner                                10CALL
Birds Eye Chickern Dinner10CALL

BEW PIES £1 P/M                             

Product Name                                 Carton Size Cost
BEW Steak & Kidney10CALL
BEW Chicken Pie10CALL

WESTERN BRAND                                      

Product Name                              Carton SizeCost
Breaded Chicken Nuggets9CALL
Breaded Chicken Pops 9CALL



KERSHAWS MEATS                                                                            

Product Name                             Carton SizeCost
Pork Dinner6CALL
Turkey Dinner6CALL
Lamb Dinner6CALL
Chicken in Curry Sauce6CALL
Beef in Curry Sauce6CALL
Steak Pie & Chips6CALL
Steaklet & Chips6CALL
Sausage & Chips6CALL
All Day Breakfast6CALL
Curry & Chips6CALL
Beef Dinner6CALL
Cod & Chips6CALL
Chicken Dinner6CALL


COPPENRATH & WIESE                                    

Product Name                            Carton SizeCost
Choc Gateau4CALL
Strawberry Gateau4CALL
Strawberry Cheesecake6CALL
Toffee Cheescake6CALL
Choc Fudge Cake6CALL



FAMILY FAVOURITES                                                                  

Product Name                           Carton SizeCost
Quarter Pounder & Chips12CALL
Chicken Nuggets & Chips12CALL
Sausage & Chips12CALL


Product Name                          Carton SizeCost
Chicken Curry 320 g12CALL
Sweet & Sour Chicken 320 g12CALL
Hot Pot 320 g12CALL
Cottage Pie 320g12CALL
Macaroni Cheese 320 g12CALL
Sausage & Mash 320 g12CALL
Chilli Con Carne 320 g 12CALL
Lasagne 320 g12CALL
Spaghetti Bolognese 320 g12CALL

MCCAINS PRODUCTS                                                  

Product Name  Carton SizeCost
Micro Chips Straight Cut 100g12CALL
Twin Pack Micro Chips £1 12CALL
Jacket Potatoes12CALL
Langs Garlic Slices6CALL
Langs Garlic Baguettes15CALL
McCains Chippy Chips 907 g 15CALL
McCains Home Roasts 907 g 12CALL
McCains Potato Wedges 750 g16CALL
McCains French Fries 750 g 20CALL
McCains St Cut Oven Chips 454 g15CALL
McCains St Cut Oven Chips 907 g15CALL
McCains Home Chips 750 g Blue Bag 12CALL
Premier Chips5CALL


Product Name                          Carton SizeCost
Ginos Pizza Chicken12CALL
Ginos Pizza Pepperoni12CALL
Ginos Cheese & Tomato12CALL
Ginos hawaiian12CALL


Mr Moretti Cheese & Tom     12                CALL
Mr Moretti Pepperoni12CALL



San Marco Pizza C//T                10                  CALL
San Marco Pepperoni10CALL


Sword Puff Pastry             24             CALL
Mayflower Egg Fried Rice12CALL
Asia Curry Sauce                  10               CALL


Ice cubes

Packed Ice 2.27 g              6               CALL


AUNT BESSIES                                              

Product Name                             Carton SizeCost    
Yorkshire Pudding Unbaked15CALL
Potato Croquettes 550g12CALL
Mashed Potaotes 650 g12CALL
Home Style Chips12CALL