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Calippo Shots Chuppa Chup's

Calippo Shots Chuppa ChupsWall's Calippo ice lollies are the perfect way to enjoy that summer feelin..


Cornetto Classico

Cornetto ClassicoOne of the top three leading cones on the ice cream marketCase size: 24 per..


Cornetto Mint

Cornetto Mint ConeOne of the top three leading cones on the ice cream marketCase size: 24 pe..


Magnum Caramel Nut Bar

Magnum Caramel Nut Bar - 30 per case..


Magnum Chocolate Hazelnut Bar

Magnum Chocolate Hazelnut Bar - 20 per case..


Magnum Double Coconut

Magnum Double CoconutNew for 2017, Magnum Coconut. Rich, luxuriously thick chocolate coats the s..


Magnum Honeycomb

Magnum HoneycombThe inspiration behind the range, Magnum Classic is the original Magnum. Rich, luxur..


Magnum White

Magnum WhitePerfection for worshippers of white chocolate. Rich vanilla ice cream, smothered in ..


Mini Milk

Walls Mini MilkLaunched back in 1976, small but perfectly formed our Milk Time Mini Milk range h..


Minions Bello Push Up

Walls Minions Bello Push-UpMinions Push Up is a super exciting launch for Walls this year. A vanilla..


Solero Smoothie

Solero SmoothieWith delicious berries pieces, Solero really is the perfect treat to cool you down in..


Swedish Glaze Toffee Cone

Swedish Glaze Toffee Cone - 24 per case...


Twister Blackcurrant

Twister BlackcurrantDo the twist! Chill out with the smooth pineapple-flavour ice cream and refreshi..


Walls Feast Sandwich

Wall's Feast SandwichThe Chocolate treat from Walls - Chocolate Feast sandwich combines a solid choc..